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Hello there! 

I am Damon Trouve, a Graphic / UX Designer, Web developer and freelance writer. I have worked on a whole range of amazing projects helping people connect in times of crisis, directing people to stay safe, and helping people find something great to spend their time with. 

When not at work I volunteer with Scouts and do graphics work for some of the online communities I am a part of. If you're interested in a small business website, freelance articles or a logo for your next project, get in touch below! 


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Graphic Design

From logos to applications, I am happiest when I am designing something. When I am not working, I often create graphics for online groups and places I volunteer


Web Development

I have developed and managed many websites, from small businesses to large local government sites. Web development is where my journey began.


Freelance Writing

I started out writing video game reviews for online outlets. Most recently, I've been a community manager for Deliberative Entertainment.


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