Your Choice Funerals

Award-winning, Family Run. I was asked by Chris to produce the initial branding, website and brochure for Your Choice Funerals. This project was the first I had completed for a small business and taught me a lot about design in general. Working closely alongside Chris to put his passion for providing families in need the care and support they deserve into every facet of his brand.

We started with the most important step, establishing his logo. Chris wasn’t really sure what he wanted to represent his new venture, so we got to plotting out themes and ideas around his experiences as a funeral director and for the families he serves.

When talking to Chris, it was clear that he wanted to celebrate life and to try and portray the positives of a life well lived, against the usual negative connotations of funerals and death. I presented him with this idea, I call it our Tree of Life.

For me, the tree represents so much; Stability, longevity, reliability and life and the great beyond. Trees are often used to portray our connection with the natural world, and they provide us with a longstanding dedicated service which without we could not exist.